Frequent questions


All HUIIKE boards have a 3-year warranty from the date of original purchase and is valid for manufacturing defects as long as the product is used in accordance with the guidelines in the user manuals and technical specifications of the product.

If you have placed the order through a marketplace such as Amazon or Decathlon, you can contact us through the platform itself. If you have a question about delivery or payment, we recommend that you contact customer service directly at the site where you placed the order.


In Spain and Portugal (peninsula) the delivery time is normally 2 days. For the rest of Europe it may vary. See shipping policy for more information.

We offer free shipping to Spain and Portugal (peninsula) on orders over €50. For orders less than that amount or for other locations, shipping costs start at €5.99. See shipping policy for more information.


It is vitally important to sweeten the board and all its accessories after use, that is, wash it with fresh water. After that, let it dry very well before storing it to avoid moisture, mold or stains.

There is no problem in saving the bloated table. If you want, you can deflate it a little, for example to 10 psi and finish inflating it to 15 psi when you are going to use it. Before storing it, sweeten and dry both the board and accessories. Do not leave the board outdoors or in direct sunlight.

You can store the board and all the accessories comfortably in your backpack, folded to avoid "excess" resistance of the material. It is very important that both the board and the accessories are clean and dry. Clean with fresh water and dry everything very well before storing it. In addition, it is important that it is not outdoors or in direct sunlight.


The adjustable closure should not be too tight. Make sure you use the adjustable closure to tighten the paddle tightly and secure it.

Make sure the valve is closed. To do this, it must be in its highest position. Press it twice to make sure it is in its highest position so that it does not let air out.

If the board is leaking air from the valve area, the valve probably needs to be tightened.

Make sure the hose is on the side you want to use it for; “INFLATE/OUT” to inflate or “DEFLATE/IN” to deflate.

Check that there is nothing inside the hose and remove any obstructions it may have.

The needle begins to move and show the pressure around 7 PSI. Keep inflating until it shows 12-15 PSI.

It is very likely that the valve is not broken, but just a small leak due to it not being tightened properly. Use the wrench that comes in the repair kit to retighten it by following these steps:

1. Remove the valve cover
2. Remove all the air from the board
3. Place the key on the valve and turn clockwise
4. Once it is tight, there should be no more leaks around the valve area.

If your board has suffered a puncture, use one of the patches included in the repair kit to cover it. By
Please note that the kit does not include glue. We recommend using a nautical glue for PVC.

The board may not be properly deflated. We are sure that the board along with all its accessories fits in the backpack. Make sure it is well disassembled and deflated.

There is no right way to do it, the backpack is designed so that everything stays inside. For back comfort, we recommend placing the board at the bottom and placing the accessories on top, but it is not mandatory to do so. You can save space in the backpack by using the side pockets and straps to put the paddle parts.

Try gluing the D-ring back on. We recommend using a nautical glue for PVC.

There may be an obstruction preventing its passage. Clean the slot very well of dirt (sand, salt...), use fresh water under pressure and then dry it very well with a cloth.

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