All our products have a 3-year warranty , both the SUP boards and any of their included elements (paddle, kayak seat, manual inflator...). We cover any manufacturing defect from the day of delivery.

If you have any problem with any of our products we are committed to helping you solve it and if that doesn't work we will send you a replacement.

Please keep in mind that we need your collaboration to be able to repair/solve the problem you have.

The steps to follow to solve the problem would be the following:

1. Take a look at the FAQ page , if you still can't get it or your problem is not there, then continue with the next step.

2. Contact us via email ( or the Marketplace where you purchased the product.
- Tell us your name, order number, unique serial number of the table and purchase channel so we can locate you.
- Explain your problem in detail.
- Send us images and videos so we can better understand the situation.
- Also attach an image of the unique serial number to verify the table and be able to complain about the problem. This number is behind the board next to the right keel.

3. We will contact you within the next 24-48 business hours.
- We will give you a solution that is as detailed as possible.

4. We will wait for you to repair it. If you end up not getting it, we will apply the guarantee and send you the product with which you have the problem in perfect condition. Please note that the warranty does not cover the following cases:

- Boards purchased second-hand or whose order number cannot be provided.
- Damage or deformation caused by the following reasons:
- Misuse.
- Impacts against other objects (rocks, stones...).
- Use other than stipulated.
- Normal wear and tear of the product from its own use.
- Prolonged direct exposure to the sun without being in use.
- Transport and handling out of water.
- Dents due to excessive pressure (> 15PSI) exerted on the board.
- Storage in a closed place without ventilation or in temperatures below 0 °C and above 32 °C.