Quillas - Pack 3 - Enjoyer

Quillas - Pack 3 - Enjoyer

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Regular price €19,99
Quillas - Pack 3 - Enjoyer
Sale price €19,99Regular price €35,00




Regular price €19,99

What includes?

Inflatable Paddle Surf Board – HUIIKE

The paddle surf boards from the β€œENJOYER” collection contain everything you need to turn your aquatic adventure into a fantastic experience:

βœ” Paddle Surf Board – Measures 305x84x15 cm and supports 130kg of weight.

βœ” Safety leash – Mandatory use to always be safe.

βœ” Manual pump – Double action so it can be used both to inflate and deflate the board.

βœ” Dual-use paddle – The paddle paddle is made up of 3 pieces with adjustable height from 170 to 220cm. The handle piece can be removed to add another paddle and convert it into a kayak paddle.

βœ” Backpack – It fits all the utensils included and thus makes it easier to transport.

βœ” Transport strap – Strap to hang the board on your shoulder and better distribute its weight.

βœ” 3 keels – Contains a larger central keel and two smaller lateral keels to offer greater maneuverability. They are removable to prevent damage during storage.

βœ” Kayak seat and foot support – They will allow you to convert the paddle board into an inflatable kayak and enjoy it in a different way.

βœ” Repair kit – To be able to solve any puncture with a patch. Also includes a wrench to tighten the valve. Please note that glue is not included.

βœ” 5L waterproof bag – To store what you need for your routes.

βœ” Mobile waterproof case – You can hang them around your neck.

βœ” Phone holder – Do you want to record your unforgettable moments in the water? You can do it from the camera base installed on the table where you can place the phone holder.

βœ” Manual in your language – With all the information for a good start-up and good conservation. For any questions, you can always contact us.


  • βœ” TamaΓ±o tabla hinchada

    305x84x15 cm // 10’x33’’x6’’

  • βœ” Volumen

    278 L

  • βœ” Peso mΓ‘ximo soportable

    130 kg // 286 lbs

  • βœ” PresiΓ³n de aire mΓ‘xima

    15 PSI

  • βœ” PresiΓ³n de aire aconsejable

    12-15 PSIΒ 

  • βœ” Peso neto tabla

    9 kg // 20 lbs

  • βœ” TamaΓ±o caja

    90x35x26 cm // 35’x14’’x10’’

  • βœ” Peso neto caja

    17 kg // 37 lbs